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North East Leith Cluster

Keeping you muscles and joint healthy and recovering after an injury can help prevent and improve pain and keep you active.

Quick reference: Back PainCarpal TunnelCubital TunnelElbow Problems I Gout I Osteoarthritis I Shoulder Pain 

Mon - Sun

Offering a range of programmes through Edinburgh Leisure to help you lead a healthy more active life no matter your age or current activity levels


Physiotherapy leaflets with information and exercises on a range of condition and post injury care created by Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


Self referral forms available to download for:
- Musculoskeletal injuries
- Women with Incontinence, Prolapse or Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
- Walking Aids


Help and information for injuries and conditions that affect muscles, bones and joints in adults


Rehabilitation exercises muscle and joint pain including back pain, elbow pain, foot pain, knee pain, neck painshoulder pain


NOT just for arthritis! exercise sheets and video demonstrations to help with joint pains including ankle sprains, back pain, knee pain, neck pain, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis

Muscles and Joints: Schedule
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