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North East Leith Cluster

Service available to all patients aged 8 years and over to quickly and easily treat injuries that are less than 7 days old.

Please call 111

Western General Hospital

Patients must be:​

  • 8 years old and over

  • Able to make own way to assessment

  • Injuries within 14 days

  • Wounds less than 24 hours old with controlled bleeding

  • Objects in nose or ear

  • Crush injury to fingers /toes with no wound

  • Ring removal from fingers /toes

  • Minor burns or scalds (not involving hands, face or genitals)

  • Head and face injuries not in exclusion criteria (not head injuries with loss of consciousness, vomiting/disturbed vision/ altered behaviour. reduced consciousness, underlying bleeding conditions or patient on anticoagulants)

  • Eye injuries not in exclusion criteria

  • Limb injuries (below shoulder or below knee)

  • Animal bites including insect bites & stings (not human bites)

  • Patients with a fracture that requires review after being treated outwith NHS Lothian

  • Animal bites with localised swelling and no evidence of allergic reaction

Minor Injury Assessment: Schedule
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