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North East Leith Cluster

Quick Reference: Headache

Mon - Fri

Scotland’s health charity supporting people and their families across Scotland with chest, heart and stroke conditions.

Contact freephone Advice Line Nurses 0808 801 0899

Mon - Fri

Confidential help line, information resource and local group for those suffering with Epilepsy


Provides person-centred, family-orientated rehabilitation and support for people recovering from stroke in the Edinburgh area (must be over 16, refer through Social Care Direct)


Website written by a neurologist with a special interest in functional neurology and designed for patient to use to give them a better understanding of their symptoms


Leading charity in Scotland providing care and support to people affected by Motor Neurone Disease (MND) including support groupscounselling, physiotherapy.

Contact 0141 332 3903


Provided care and support services for those living with multiple sclerosis (MS).

Advice line 0808 800 8000


Free virtual services are available to anyone with MS and their families in Scotland including one-to-one support, physiotherapy, counselling, peer support, group activity sessions and ask an expert webinars.

Mon - Sat

Information and support for those affected by stroke
Supporter care 0300 3300 740
Stroke Helpline 0303 3033 100

Tues & Thurs

Support charity for people affected by headaches and migraines in the UK

Nerve & Brain: Schedule
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