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North East Leith Cluster

Audiology Department

  • All NHS hearing aids are Behind-The-Ear Style of aids only.

  • All NHS hearing aids are Digital.

  • All patients requiring bilateral hearing aids will be offered bilateral aids.

  • All hearing aids on the NHS and the batteries for the aids are free of charge.

    Battery Service

  • Patients get issued with a battery book when they are aided.

  • To obtain more batteries they have to bring their battery book to the Adult Audiology Department, Monday - Friday, 9am - 1pm.

  • They can post their battery book in as well and more batteries will be posted to them.

  • Family / friends can collect batteries for a patient provided they bring the patient's battery book with them.

    Repair Clinics

  • Patients can phone to get a repair appointment.

  • At the repair clinic the patient will see an assistant technical officer who will deal with: 
            > Retubing moulds.
            > Faulty / broken hearing aids.
            > Take impressions for new moulds.
            > Advise on maintenance and care for the hearing aids.
            > Help patients with battery and mould insertion.
            > Make minor adjustments to the amplification.

Hearing Aids: Schedule
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